Audi is rising up to the digitalization challenge – inside the vehicle and in the production.

Over the last 12 months, PCH INNOVATIONS joined Audi’s efforts and worked together with Audi on a smart factory concept and film.

Audi Smart Factory


On the 12th of July, PCH INNOVATIONS was invited to the VIP Launch Event of the BMW 740Le to give a keynote to an exclusive array of 120 guests, held in the historic building of the Lili Temple. The Lili Tempel is one of the most well-known cultural monuments in Offenbach, named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethes fiancee Anna Elisabeth Schönemann, with whom Goethe used to meet in 1775 in the building’s park.

PCH presented why the times are so transformative and showed examples of AI, Deep Learning, 4D-printing, sensors, robotics, etc. This triggered controversial discussions on the structural, systematic, ethical effects of AI, data/ privacy, but also gen manipulation, etc.

Launch Event BMW 740Le
Launch Event BMW 740Le
Launch Event BMW 740Le
Launch Event BMW 740Le


Finding Infinity is an organization dedicated to speeding up the world’s transition to renewables through creativity and consulting.

Featuring stories about people and businesses that work on feasible solutions, Finding Infinity portraited Stefan Liske and his former roommate Wolfram Putz and their expertise and dedication to help create a responsible future.

Finding Infinity – Meet Stefan & Wolfram


The ProSTEP iViP Symposium is a top-level meeting of the PLM community, bringing together managers of all european automotive manufacturers and high-tech companies and known to be one of the very rare truly concentrated, profound and high-class events around the management, storage and usage of development and construction data.

Stefan Liske was invited to give his outlook on what is going to happen to the automotive industry in times of the internet of things, how Google, Apple & Co will shape the industry and how to participate in this transformative decade up to 2020.

ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2016

ProSTEP iViP Symposium
ProSTEP iViP Symposium


Under the theme 'From digital transformation to disrupting mobility' pioneers and companies like Audi, BMW, Uber, Hyperloop as well as a lot of Startups came together on November 26th for the first Wired Mobility conference.

Our CEO Stefan Liske was invited as a speaker and expert on a panel to discuss the future of automobile.

In his lecture, Stefan focused on the immersion of radical new players entering the automotive industry and evolving mobility rituals showing the urgent need to reinvent the fundamental blocks of automotive functions, morphology and design.

The panel centered around the future of automobile and how autonomous driving, connected cars and the digitalized user will reinvent the definition of automobiles.

Furthermore, we as PCH INNOVATIONS have been invited to share some of our latest ideas & prototype in the demo area.

WIRED Mobility 2015 Conference


On February 26th 2015, American Express invited PCH INNOVATIONS to speak on an expert panel focussing, on the future of M-Commerce.

The event series Insights Network is opening a platform for strategic relevant discussions and networking. To enable a holistic view on the featured topics, experts from various fields are invited to share their opinion on current challenges and their future perspectives.

PCH INNOVATIONS presented a detailed perspective on changing consumer needs, emergent technologies & solutions and implications of transforming industries on the field of M-Commerce.

American Express Insights Network Follow Up

American Express Insights Network
American Express Insights Network



On November 19-20, 2014, Singularity University Summit Europe took place for the first time in Amsterdam. It is one of the largest two-day events in Europe aimed at bringing awareness about exponential technologies and their impact on business and policy to thought leaders and executives from breakthrough companies. Theme of this unique event was: 'Ignition: Embrace tomorrow by launching today'

There were great keynotes in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology and many more. And PCH INNOVATIONS had the honor to present our concept for the integration of Brain-Computer-Interfaces into Cars – all that in front of our science & innovation hero's Peter Diamandis, Daniel Kraft, Salim Ismail, Rob Nail, John Hagel, etc.

Singularity University Summit Europe

PCH INNOVATIONS @ Singularity Summit Europe 2014


The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock gigaton-scale, market-driven solutions to climate change. PCH became involved with Carbon War Room during its Berlin 2018-2050 project - an involvement which extended to co-founder Stefan Liske serving as an advisor to the enterprise, as well as connecting PCH with Virgin Galactic, which is now a member of PCH's Propulsive Pioneers Lab.

Carbon War Room


Stefan Liske is featured in the Guardian’s article, “The End of Motoring” (9/25/11), as he describes ‘digital natives’ and future consumer behavioral shifts:

Guardian, The End of Motoring


Volkswagen GX3 – Current TV Broadcast

PCH INNOVATIONS – Lecture @ RTT Excite 2011