Intuiting Integrity

PCH INNOVATIONS provides integrative services for innovative brand, product, service and new business field development. We work tirelessly to imagine and actualize specialized services tailored to the specific demands and challenges we collectively encounter.

The result is a wide scope of scalable solutions, adaptable to diverse environments, budgets and interests, evoking global ramifications and personal resonance.

We believe in the continuous need to rewrite our foundational script. We court change and advance in accordance with the local and global shifts occurring all around us.


Pure forms of practice

This three pronged approach offers empathic immersion into new possible solutions. In acquainting ourselves with a new project, we initiate our ‘Understanding’ phase with a set of central hypotheses which we then cast in a wider context, and in many ways define the relevant elements of a particular future we need to describe. Launching from this foundation, we translate our specified set of findings into possible new consumer experiences and rituals, and weave together a compelling future narrative. At this point, we begin to fold into the next phase of ‘Seeing’.

Seeing means interacting. To this end, we create a synthesis of ideas and events, and materialize the speculative outcome via hardware or software prototypes, visual scenarios and fictional films. This immediate and tangible approach helps us and our clients enter into the ‘Believing’ phase, in which we collectively enter into a possible 3rd Choice direction – accepting a new product, or even a new world.


Unseen advantages

History, progress and the future consistently struggle between opposing forces. Most situations produce two concrete outcomes – a choice between one thing or the other. But there is often a 3rd Choice, and it takes something special to find it.

In pursuing this elusive 3rd Choice throughout all our endeavors, we discover new paths that push our work forward. We inherently believe in the power of the unknown, and continuously seek the fruits of its discovery.

The 3rd Choice for PCH INNOVATIONS is reflected by individuals, solutions and systems which meaningfully stand out and have the strength to incite change in others; creating new currents and evoking new directions. All progress hinges upon these alternative, expressive and often exotic movements.


Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Reflexively. Perennially.

Truth is stranger than fiction, though fiction not only imitates, but influences truth. We constantly investigate the role and reverberations of science fiction in shaping the established research agendas for the fields of technology, new consumer experiences, mobility, ubiquitous computing, future urban living, space travel and beyond.

Science fiction does not merely anticipate, but has the power to actively shape futures through its effect on the collective imagination. We look back to Jules Verne’s predictions of lunar modules, newscasts and videoconferencing, or DaVinci’s models for helicopters and tanks, while incessantly looking forward to the next impossible impulses. Such is the role of Design Fiction in PCH INNOVATIONS’ approach to shaping strategic development and creative prototyping.

Imagination is the currency of design fiction. Our user-centric process is essentially exploratory and open to serendipity. The front-end of Design Fiction – as a means toward innovation – is triggered by faint signals of change, which when picked up indicate potential futures, technical possibilities, societal shifts and other significant, spontaneous elaborations rendered in the form of tangible artifacts, prototypes, films, apps, or whatever medium best suits the objectives of a given project.

“Design Fiction is a mix of scientific facts, design and science fiction. It is a kind of authoring practice that recombines the traditions of storytelling with the physical crafting of objects” – Julian Bleecker


Feel forward

Change can be unexpected and uncomfortable, yet it remains essential. The better we prepare for change by adopting diverse response signals, the more successful and fulfilling our lives will be as it occurs.

Given the current condition of global economic and environmental calamity, it is painfully apparent that we need new approaches to the challenges we face. We demand approaches that can shift course as they occur, that take into account the innumerable factors complicating the requirements for new solutions and respond in kind.

The most effective means for reaching open-ended, mutable and manifold experiences is to delve into the unknown. We see the potential in things beyond their immediate function.

We are learning systems, constantly adopting examples of successful execution in fields removed from our own, and discovering similarities in the unfamiliar.

By stepping outside of our comfort zones, we acquire radically new perspectives that serve our approach to new challenges. To that end, PCH INNOVATIONS guides clients toward unfamiliar industries’ specialized fields of expertise, tapping into new faculties and identifying the best possible partners for fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations, developing solutions and new business models through uncompromisingly distinct partnerships.


Detecting new directions

Development Radar provides a comprehensive survey of the connection between now and the future.

In order to understand shifts and track advancements from a spectrum of arenas ranging from technology to trade, or health to space exploration, PCH INNOVATIONS maps out the major indicators and indexes.

We then interpret that data to reveal our journey from today to tomorrow’s most compelling concerns through modifications, discoveries and priorities in fields including: Currency, Robotics, Sensor Fusion, Health & Biotech, Revolutionary Materials, Space, Renewable Energy, Intelligent Urbanized Mobility, Natural User Interfaces, etc.


Creative catalysts

PCH INNOVATIONS is systemically comprised of multiple perspectives, providing robust momentum to propel our work forward. We engage a diverse membership of 250 internationally selected visionaries from fields including yet hardly limited to visual art, film, science, architecture, urban planning, literature, philosophy, tech start-ups, product design, fashion, mobile communications and fragrance design – invaluably collaborating whenever we approach new projects to develop future solutions.

Through continued dialogue with these Propulsive Pioneers, we host a hotbed of innovative thinking. Each point of view is highly specialized, and when set in concert together, the result is far greater than the sum of its parts. To tap into this rich fabric of ideas and impulses, we ask, “What do these people consider daring, exotic and meaningful? And how will those considerations change in the coming years?” The answers we receive continuously astound, inspire and motivate our endeavors.

As a consumer insight & movement research tool, the Propulsive Pioneers Lab enables us to evolve our clients’ brands by challenging brand consciousness at its core. Our signature creative workshop sessions & interviews stimulate responses to a brand by activating our Propulsive Pioneers’ databases of specialized knowledge. These multi-disciplinary experts, inventors and methodologists help us understand what topics and trends are most relevant, potent and potential for future development, as well as providing invaluable feedback and testing on the prototypes we create. Through this highly articulated, guided process, we embark on a playful & elaborate experience aiming to deconstruct and recreate future brand ideologies. The generated materials and opinions are then positioned as a multi-platform foundation we transpose into new products and services.


Tomorrow People

In an effort to best understand future consumer identities and behaviors, PCH INNOVATIONS constructs a template in which to examine how people interact and live with new environments. The idea is to immerse the subject as fully as possible in the experience of a speculative but physical world, called Future Life Settings.

Depending on the parameters and objectives of a project, the rendering of this world may include tangible objects, printed media, film, or live performances. The goal is to make the most economical and effective use of various media to evoke the salient aspects of the world in innovation.

Future Life Settings express key dynamic foresights by providing a tangible, engaging experience, reflecting future consumer needs and desires fused with an advanced look at themes that will be of growing importance. These various sets illustrate a diverse spectrum of user types, interests, competencies and aesthetic persuasions. Built to suit a variety of anticipated scenarios and applications, the installation is easily modified.

Future Life Settings offer powerful tools to transform theoretical discoveries into tangible environments, and to deliver inspiration and insights to a multitude of teams and projects.


Tools for understanding. Channels for communicating.

Consumer Kits transform market research into highly articulated tools aimed at defining the consumer and providing visible insight into the details of the consumer’s life.

By communicating with the consumer in an open-minded exchange, with trust and respect, we gain an invaluable understanding of the consumer’s desires and priorities.

The consumer is constantly changing, and will always be more complex than any set of tendencies or data. Our own experiences demonstrate that our values and opinions operate in relation to what we know and what we discover. We remain in flux. We are always demanding something new. By studying our own patterns and reflecting on the patterns of others, we achieve a more intuitive process for how to engage the consumer.

The 3D-Visualization of the Consumer Kits allows those not familiar with the tools and methods of market research departments to easily attain an instant understanding of their target customer. By personalizing the manifold factors involved in consumer behavior, we arrive at a more comprehensive and natural affinity for how to satisfy the consumer’s often erratic decision making process. Using future narratives as a source of inspiration, we create a common language to ensure that different departments share a collective understanding of their target customer.


Variety is the key to growth

The success of every undertaking hinges upon approach. Every project we encounter requires a series of choices. Through experience, we’ve found that a team comprised of diverse perspectives selects the best choices and forges the best approach.

Project Houses reflect a strategy by which we create an environment for a group of people from diverse fields and backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to collaboratively immerse themselves into a specific project for a defined period of time. The results are always unexpected and inspiring.

Project-based buildings large enough to serve as grounds for intensively shared live and work experiences (and featuring facilities for recreation and retreat) tend to foster emotional links and mutual trust between project participants. The better the space and outlying neighborhood serves the imaginations and workflow of the participants, the better the work arising from the group will be.

Great ideas will rarely arise from forced brainstorming sessions in dull corporate offices. Through proven practice, PCH INNOVATIONS has found highly interactive and agile project environments to be necessary conditions for success in projects based on disruptive, profitable and market-tuned innovations.


Clairvoyant Exploration

PCH INNOVATIONS designs experiences for its clients, products and services for those experiences, and new business fields for maximizing the potential therein.

The practice of Materializing Future Narratives centers around the demonstration of possible futures, generally in the form of working prototypes of software, hardware, and technologically, materially or aesthetically defined artifacts that might exist in such futures.

These objects play manifold roles: They act as props (e.g. in Scouting Rooms, project presentations, Consumer Kits or Future Life Settings), yielding insights into emotional, experiential and techno-social aspects of the future worlds they represent; they inspire discussion and debate with our clients concerning these futures and the implications of procedural, technological, social and strategic change; and they act symbolically, disrupting comfortable and conventional ideas about innovation and establishing future solutions with alternative variations.

Building tangible, interactive instruments is an integral part of PCH INNOVATIONS’ process. Putting new materials, future software mockups, or working prototypes in our clients’ and users’ hands helps them and us to understand how people might use a technology, react to a certain material or aesthetic composition; how they might repurpose it, and what broader sensory and social implications it might have. This process results in a feedback loop that may lead to a revised experience, to an alternate context, to new possibilities or new directions for future behaviors, modalities, or routines.

We see design as an elemental component in everything we do, everything we use and everything we represent. The fate of a product is contained in its design. The most brilliant designs demonstrate simplicity, elegance and clear purpose.