PCH INNOVATIONS is a privately-held innovation & invention studio based in Berlin and Los Angeles. We help our clients understand and embrace innovation to grow their businesses. We collaboratively identify, develop, design and implement profitable, meaningful and relevant solutions for the future.

Our team is drawn from diverse backgrounds and industries. We are devoted to unleashing the trans-disciplinary forces of science, design, and engineering – and dedicated to translating great science into practical achievements, with an accelerated path to market. Driven by our belief that innovation occurs at previously unconnected planes of thought, our projects are highly experimental, invoking the arts to foster sustainably and joyfully resonant inventions. Our solutions solve growth challenges ranging from incremental innovation within existing business to locating the impulses of breakthrough innovation.

With partnerships including MIT, Google X Labs, Darpa, JPL, UCSD and NASA among others, PCH INNOVATIONS harnesses the cutting-edge of science and technology, while exploring philosophy and spirituality, to forge an alchemic recipe of empowering, empathic and engaging discovery.

Our projects provide in-depth research results, tangibly visualized concepts and highly-functional digital or physical prototypes.

Our studio is currently focused on generating integrative solutions through 2025/30, such as Brain-Computer-Interfaces, holographic devices, spiritual computing, quantum mechanics, lightfield technology and nano-material applications.

Driven by ‘dreamtelligence’ to guide imaginative problem-solving, we continually learn how humility, inspiration and a desire for knowledge can lead us to powerful new insights and transformative possibilities.

Our clients come to us for solutions against margin and market erosion, to leverage internal capacities, to strengthen their market position and unique selling vantage, to conquer new markets, to stimulate future consumer needs, to improve time-to-market, to develop products above and beyond future insights, and to dynamically adapt their design, engineering and marketing strategies through sustainable, innovative, non-linear and agile practices.

Through our integrative services, we promote a radical rethinking of how we interact as individuals and communities, as consumers and companies.



The animals have taken over the farm. Tigers have switched territories. Retailers are now their own brands. Car manufacturers have become energy traders. Social networks are powerful online commerce platforms.

The shift from an industrial society to one trafficking in real-time information flow necessitates new social relations and the replacement of the class antagonism between capitalist and proletariat with the new class antagonism between ‘netorcrat’ and ‘consumtariat’. Newly networked dynamics fundamentally and indefinitely change business, design, marketing, product development and the art of innovation.

PCH INNOVATIONS promotes revolutionary changes in (multi-)perspectives which lead to the creation of new insights, rituals, experiences, and to materializing these advancements into meaningful and groundbreaking narratives, products, services and business fields. We target and communicate with inclusive tribes rather than exclusive consumer groups. We select for competitive, collaborative and integrative approaches on all fronts. We discover ourselves through continuous dialogue with colleagues, family, friends, pioneers, mavericks – and especially with our clients.


  • We infuse our innovation work with terms native to science fiction and theoretical play: indirection, distraction, disruption and displacement.

  • We combine research intelligence and empathic analysis with design fiction, 360° insights and rapid prototyping to obtain new perspectives on relevant questions – separating stagnant procedures from fertile focal points to cultivate alluring, marketable products, services and new business solutions beyond the commercial mainstream.

  • We believe that meaningful transformations and innovations occur at the intervention of previously unconnected or unrelated planes of thought.

  • We inhabit an age of relentless possibility, yet it’s unclear where we will land along the scales of chance and opportunity. Will we reach a new golden age? Or collapse first?

  • Remarkable changes drive us to fundamentally question everything we know, think we know, or fail to understand… We must adapt the idea of impermanence into our daily habits and practices.

  • The ability to switch perspectives and to dream – to create value collaboratively, with open authorships, hybrid capital and shared knowledge, to identify what might otherwise be hidden, and to innovate what previously could only be imagined – will increasingly distinguish the winners from the losers.

  • Each of us has a role to play in the uprising: Demanding change; offering and demonstrating visionary journeys toward vibrant democracies rooted in equity, ecological sustainability and a solidarity economy; helping foster and steward a healthy and peaceful planet.

This is how we become genuine game-changers.


Based on fluid, real-time information and intelligence, Dreamtelligence describes a new flow of energy and visionary dynamism. Future challenges can’t be tackled single-handedly. One way to reach this envisioned state of deep knowledge is to mirror our intuition and imagination by tapping into the wide and creative spectrum of science, technology, philosophy, art, architecture and fantasy.

Embracing these disciplines helps us to discover the most pertinent responses to upcoming changes and to create solutions that are as fantastic as they are revolutionary and unexpected: imaginative, innovative solutions engendering a transformative impact on how we live as individuals, families, tribes, societies and cooperations.


Transformation and innovation occur at the intersection of previously unconnected & unrelated planes of thought.

For the first time in human history, more people are living in cities than in rural areas. As the world’s population continues to grow in the coming decades, and urban populations grow even faster, ‘smart’ information and communication technologies will be at the forefront of the effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of urban systems and services. Smart City-System refers to the integration of technology into a strategic approach to sustainability, citizen wellbeing, and economic development.

Driven by increased living costs and shifting social values, people will actively seek new forms of transportation to satisfy specialized travel needs. New business models will emerge. The car will persist in coming decades, although augmented by alternative modes of transportation that benefit health and wellbeing. Enhanced technologies will transform our cars from isolated instruments of travel to connected apparatuses resulting in myriad user experiences.

Smart materials will be capable of modifying their functional characteristics if stimulated with electrical or magnetic charges, changes in temperature, light, or other environmental alterations. It will be possible to substitute dozens of discrete actuators and sensors already present (in vehicles) with fewer, more robust parts, thereby permitting the simplification of components and reduction in sizes, weights and costs.

An exponential explosion of information will become so dense and expansive that we must envision an informatics sphere which will surround us. Constructing information-architecture to selectively capture, process and use information is a critical priority. Those who can access, intuit, and act on information first will possess a distinct advantage.

Leadership no longer means being on the top of the mountain; it’s now about being in the center of the vortex. Individuals, societies and companies are encouraged to take bold new directions. Yesterday’s business patterns are obsolete. Tomorrow’s business solutions are in flux.



Life is a fluid, dynamic system.

All around us, organic organisms represent manifold, inspired models of fluid, dynamic systems; each species designed with specialized skills and capabilities. What gives humans a distinct advantage is not only our ability to create and use tools, thereby extending capabilities and enhancing skills beyond the scope of our physical limitations, but our imaginations as a wellspring of innovation, powering new ideas, events and paradigms that fundamentally shift our experience in and of the world.

As we continue to industrialize and advance technologically, our distance from the natural world widens. Our advancements in connectivity correspond to issues of isolation. In response, or perhaps inherently, we constantly strive to create systems and stories as intricate and complex as what nature reveals. The better we become at creating fluid, dynamic systems to solve the needs and challenges we face today – and more importantly, tomorrow – the more successful we become as a people, and as stewards for our planet.

How well we live increasingly becomes a question of how well we live in relation to our environment, experiences and with others.

The subtext of this question is how well we learn, and what we decide to do with our lessons.

At PCH INNOVATIONS, we are committed to learning in the most efficient, productive and fantastical fashion. We are bound by self-discovered principles, to do work that is fulfilling, forward-looking and that maximizes potential for the greatest number of beneficiaries. We are obsessed with innovation, dedicated to deriving its inspiration, harnessing its possibilities, and intent on delivering its myriad manifestations.

Each discovery warrants more. We continually rewrite our script, expanding our narrative in dimension and demonstration. We are agents of change, locating and selecting previously undetected courses of action, transforming, and sharing our experiences.

We engineer experiences, market their value, and design the world we wish future generations to inherit and improve upon.


PCH INNOVATIONS promotes revolutionary changes in multi-perspectives, which lead to the creation of new rituals, experiences, and to materializing these advancements into meaningful & groundbreaking narratives, products, services and business fields.

In the late 1990s, PCH founder Stefan Liske was involved in BMW’s groundbreaking innovation team, Deep Blue. A central figure in the covert project, the Deep Blue team was tasked with envisioning the next phase of automotive phenomena after the SUV, and to synthesize the passions and working relationship between designers, engineers, sales and manufacturing.

Deep Blue ventured into unfamiliar territory. Rather than renting individual apartments for their stay in the US or working in offices as usual, the team merged their resources and rented the former home of Elizabeth Taylor in Malibu, CA. The experience of working intimately with an interdisciplinary team, as well as exploring and living together in an inspiring, shared space revealed the requisite capacity for trust, honesty, open-mindedness, acceptance and empathy necessary to advance any endeavor. The result of the project saw the introduction of BMW's X Coupé, and what became BMW's new design language – 'flame surfacing'.

With the success of Deep Blue, the project was replicated within BMW into a new phase, called Pave White. The key findings from these projects subsequently permeated BMW's core design and development processes, becoming linchpins in the company's perspective.

With the foundation of an own, independent innovation firm, PCH, these discoveries got even pushed further. Since 2005, PCH has helped major multi-national companies navigate through the congestion and pollution of stagnant routines, and steer toward imaginative solutions to future challenges.

When BMW's former CEO, Bernd Pischetsrieder, moved to become CEO of VW, he asked us to create a VW-specific approach along the lines of Deep Blue and Pave White, which became known as the Moonraker project. After one year of conducting Moonraker, more requests arrived from Audi/VW and SEAT to proliferate the approach for markets in China, Russia and India, leading to the project 'Swanlake'. As with BMW, VW also integrated the key discoveries from these innovation projects into its core composition.

The framework for PCH's approach is informed by the lessons initially retrieved during Deep Blue: to go beyond the office and live with consumers, to fully immerse oneself and then decision-makers into the world they are trying to access, to discover and implement disruptive methods for breaking ineffective systems and shaking people out of their comfort zones to not only produce revolutionary products and services, but to utilize such results to new, pioneering possibilities.

As PCH has learned, the crux of achieving innovation rests in experimentation, rapid prototyping, looking to other industries for examples of successful problem-solving and inspiration, expansive freedom to think beyond the mainstream and discover new, unexpected, serendipitous truths, and seizing the opportunity to engage daring, dynamic and uncompromising approaches, ultimately rendering radical points of reference and sweeping perspectives.

Our quest to harness the aesthetics of sustainability sets us on course to examine our world as well as ourselves, and to arrive at unprecedented experiences. We embrace the difficulties of change, inventing responses which propel us into positive, responsible practices, and a succession of improved tomorrows.

We love what we do, and what we dream to become.

Our Roots – Project Deep Blue, BMW X Coupe
Our Roots – Project Deep Blue, BMW X Coupe