Based in Berlin and Los Angeles, PCH INNOVATIONS is a privately-held innovation strategy & technology development studio – connecting science, design, engineering, storytelling and art to transform usage patterns, mindsets and business models. We help our clients internalize innovation to grow their business. We collaboratively identify, design and implement profitable, meaningful and relevant solutions for the future with an accelerated path to market.

Our team is drawn from diverse backgrounds, and driven to awaken the trans-disciplinary forces of science, design and engineering. Our innovation projects merge previously unconnected planes of thought through highly experimental, artistic, sustainable and joyfully resonant inventions. We solve growth challenges ranging from incremental innovation within existing business to enabling the impulses of exponential innovations.

With partnerships including MIT, Google X Labs, DARPA, JPL, UCSD and NASA among others, PCH INNOVATIONS harnesses cutting-edge science and technology. By also exploring art, philosophy and spirituality, we forge an alchemic recipe of empowering, empathic and engaging discovery.

We provide in-depth research results, uniquely visualized concepts and creative digital and physical prototypes. Our studio is currently focused on generating integrative solutions through 2020/25.

Solutions such as brain-computer-interfaces, holographic devices, advanced HMI-systems, light field technology, non-static & shape-changing/-shifting structures & surfaces, sensing materials, optical & nano-material applications, and ceramic matrix composite material systems. We also strive to master Virtual & Mixed Reality applications for the industrial design and development processes.

Using ‘dreamtelligence’ to guide imaginative problem-solving, we continually learn how curiosity, humility and inspiration lead us to powerful new insights for transformative possibilities.

Our clients come to us to transform their culture by developing new innovation processes, methods and tools, and by building and implementing innovation frameworks from dynamic labs to new business units. Our work provides solutions against margin and market erosion, leverages internal capacities, strengthens market positions and unique selling propositions, and opens pathways to conquer new markets, stimulate future consumer needs, improve time-to-market, develop products beyond future insights, and to adapt business, design, engineering and marketing strategies through sustainable, non-linear and agile practices.

Through our integrative services, we propel a radical rethinking of how we interact as individuals and communities, as consumers and companies.



The animals have taken over the farm. Brand narratives now encompass the entire value chain. Veteran players have to flip their approaches to compete with newcomers bringing serious new skills to the game. As we near the radical new era of Industry 4.0, real-time flow of information and energy necessitates new logics.

Leadership no longer means being on top of the mountain. It’s about being in the center of the vortex. Individuals, societies and companies are charged to collaborate, self-adapt and evolve along the arc of bold new directions that remain in flux.

Those who can quickly access, interpret and create new value from information possess a distinct advantage.

The ability to shift perspectives and to dream, to create value with open authorships, hybrid capital and shared knowledge, to reveal what might otherwise be hidden, and to innovate upon courageous imagination shows what it means to be true game changers.

PCH INNOVATIONS leads the way to future insights, rituals, experiences, and their materialization into groundbreaking narratives for products, services and business fields. We engage inclusive tribes. We forge competitive, collaborative and integrative approaches. We advance solutions through continuous dialogue with colleagues, family, friends, pioneers, mavericks, and especially with our clients.


The natural world reveals manifold, inspired models of fluid, dynamic systems. Each species is designed with specialized skills and capabilities. The human ability to create and use tools extends our capabilities and enhances skills beyond our limitations. Our imaginations serve as a wellspring for innovation, powering new ideas, experiences and paradigms that fundamentally shift how we work and live.

As we continue to industrialize and advance technologically, we must ensure our innovations improve relationships between one another and our environment. We strive to create systems as dynamically complex and beautifully simple as what nature reveals. The better we become at creating intuitive solutions for the needs and challenges we continuously encounter, the more successful we become as a people and as stewards of our planet.

At PCH INNOVATIONS, we self-tune our approach to work that is fulfilling, forward-looking, and that maximizes potential for the greatest number of beneficiaries. The more we discover, the more we realize there is to be discovered. We continually adapt our narrative to reflect new insights and demands. We are agents of change locating previously undetected courses of action, transforming the status quo, and advancing our vision toward the horizon of pure possibility.

We leverage scientific discovery to engineer experiences and design the world we wish for future generations to inherit and enhance.


In the late 1990s, PCH founder Stefan Liske was involved in BMW’s groundbreaking innovation team, Deep Blue. A central figure in the covert project, the Deep Blue team was tasked with envisioning the next phase of automotive phenomena after the SUV, and to synthesize the passions and working relationship between designers, engineers, sales and manufacturing.

Deep Blue ventured into unfamiliar territory. The team merged their resources and rented the former home of Elizabeth Taylor in Malibu, CA. The experience of working intimately with an interdisciplinary team, as well as living together in an inspiring space revealed the necessity of trust, honesty, open-mindedness, acceptance and empathy to advance the ambitious endeavor. The result of the project saw the introduction of BMW's X Coupé, and what became BMW's new design language, 'flame surfacing'.

With the success of Deep Blue, the project was replicated within BMW into a new phase, called Pave White. The key findings from these projects then permeated BMW's core design and development processes, becoming linchpins of the company's perspective.

With the foundation of an independent innovation firm, these discoveries have been pushed even further. Since 2005, PCH INNOVATIONS has helped major multi-national companies navigate the congestion of stagnant routines and steer toward imaginative solutions to future challenges.

As we have learned through a constellation of distinct projects, achieving innovation is a matter of experimentation, rapid prototyping, examining other industries, freedom of thought and action, and seizing opportunities to engage daring, dynamic and uncompromising approaches. Our aim is to reveal radical points of reference and imaginative perspectives leading to transformative values.

We love what we do, and what we dream to become.

Our Roots – Project Deep Blue, BMW X Coupe
Our Roots – Project Deep Blue, BMW X Coupe