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Can a machine be creative?

In 2016, AlphaGo became the first program to beat a top ranking professional at Go, the immensely complex board game. In the second game, it played a move so unusual that it was initially perceived as a mistake. It ultimately proved to have been an excellent move, and was described by a three-time European Go champion as being “So beautiful. So beautiful.”

The development of increasingly powerful methods of working with AI is encouraging us to rethink the role of machines. We saw the opportunity to leverage their new capacity for creativity, and began developing a generative AI tool for 3D content development, design & engineering.

Starting with the automotive industry

A GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) is a method of machine learning in which the network can be taught to comprehend a particular concept, and then generate original interpretations of that concept. We created a GAN capable of producing entirely new automotive designs in a 3D space, representing a whole digital universe of unseen vehicles. The human user can then modify these designs in real-time via an array of dimensional and semantic parameters.


Blank Compose can invent infinite versions of a given product, and derive a set of parameters that allow comprehensive human intervention.

1. Parametric Tuning

Easy adjustment of both objective and subjective labels:

  • Dimensional characteristics (e.g. width, height, and H-point)
  • Feature requirements (e.g. number of seats and doors)
  • Market positioning (e.g. intended sales region)
  • Pricing and financial data
  • Key innovations
  • Historical inspiration and style

2. Style Combination

Feature-base mixing from two or more automotive references:

  • Mix coarse styles: car segment, body type, topology
  • Mix middle styles: 3D silhouette, overall appearance, architecture
  • Mix fine styles: grill, wheel, light design, cease lines, gaps

3. Cross-breeding

Interpolation between the latent space of two entirely different products or aesthetics:

  • Combination of two GAN models (or even more). E.g. combination of an automative GAN with a Bauhaus GAN
  • Prototyping of unknown architectures & hybridized vehicle topologies

4. Augmented Intelligence

Uplifting CAD tools by giving them knowledge about how objects are engineered:

  • Real-time sketch
  • Real-time package auto-completion
  • Real-time information about market positions

Applicable to any industry benefiting
from advanced content creation

The potential applications of the tool reach far beyond automotive. Given the right training, Blank Compose is capable of augmenting the process of any field that requires important content creation and utilizes 3D design.

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