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Changing Matter

How will innovation evolve between today and 2050?

The first Whole Earth Catalog, published in 1968, marked a moment of great cultural rebellion. Disillusioned with the old ways, the counterculture of the time built an assortment of alternative practices, all aimed at disrupting the status quo and finding a new way to live. Today in 2020, the world is experiencing similar upheaval. We decided to pay homage to the spirit of these times, and embarked on a search to unearth the signals that are shaping the upcoming change.

A catalog for whole systems transformation

This book is a compendium of ideas drawn from the people and places that have most inspired us, created in the hope that it may inspire others in turn. Touching on diverse topics ranging from the end of capitalism to the nature of consciousness and beyond, as well as exploring the hidden implications of the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs, it is our contribution to the conversation around how a positive future is being built.

The catalog is divided into five core sections, each identifying fundamental phases of the upcoming human journey.

1. Recognize

To recognize means to re-perceive, to know anew. Reflecting on what we think we know becomes the foundation for any subsequent change.

This section aims to acknowledge universal truths and suggest proactive measures for curbing exploitative systems. The topics that follow are arranged around a central question: How can we, as humans, evolve in a sustainable manner within the evolving story of existence?

2. Align

Over history we developed mirrors and lenses that changed the way we see the world and interact.

Align examines how parts of human systems work together toward specified goals. On an individual level, we believe in the importance of aligning our thoughts, words, and deeds. Strengthening the connection between what we think, what we say, and how we act will result in positive transformational change. This section investigates systems that are in harmony with nature’s restorative principles and patterns. Most of all, we want to draw attention to how we can align human systems to help life thrive.

3. Unify

Unify is a call to action. It indicates a desire to bridge the divides that cause harmful separations between people and planet. We choose the word unify for this section, instead of unity, because we want to emphasize the importance of this action being a verb —a process of continual motion— rather than a static noun.

We want to summon the power of belonging. We want to underscore that notion of everything in existence having a place and purpose. We are interested in pursuing the action of unification as a way to honor and harmonize important differences. We endorse working toward a loving and sustainable strategy for enhancing every type of ecosystem for the betterment of life on our planet.

4. Depart

Depart refers to the deliberate act of leaving behind patterns, behaviors, and systems that no longer serve our species.

This section is inspired by the archetypal myth of the hero’s journey. In our case, humanity is the hero of the story, departing from an environment polluted by injustice and misguided power. In our telling, humanity must learn to be accountable for past transgressions, be cognizant of making sustainable choices, and be respectful of an interrelated nature in order to restore our global home as a healthy place to live.

5. Rebuild

Rebuild refers to a series of systemic reconstructions designed to forward a regenerative society founded on ecological and spiritual alignment. We believe that the basis for a better tomorrow exists within timeless foundational principles such as healthy circulation.

The toolkit to rebuild society through circular and “Spaceship Earth” approaches requires delicate application of intentional adjustments, multifaceted intelligence, and an exploration of self-motivated consciousness. This field of awareness, along with solar, wind, water, and biodegradale batteries will power the next generation. Innovation will leap into new dimensions of healing and performance, replenishment and restoration, revision and renewal.

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To make this material widely available, we have released Changing Matter under a Creative Commons license, embedded a digital copy below, and invite you to download from here (12 MB).

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