Innovation as journey

We see innovation as an infinite journey to create meaningful, intuitive and empowering experiences. On the highest level, we believe in the power of renewal and responsibility to repair the fabric of life.

Our practice weaves storytelling through design, engineering and coding to construct proofs for a positive future. We are guided by scientific research and spiritual awareness as explorative tools for groundbreaking discovery.

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Mission ready

We share a common enthusiasm and fearless optimism. We are driven to understand game-changing technologies, materials and shifting business paradigms shaping our future. We strive to make sense of the unknown.

The diverse backgrounds, perspectives and talents of our team fuel a foundation to explore radical topics, and proactively solve for a new global logic based on alternative economic principles alongside scientific and technological breakthroughs.

We translate unusual and inspiring insights into in-depth research, uniquely designed & engineered concepts, material & technology solutions, as well as high-fidelity digital and physical prototypes.

The transformation is on

Our highly selective project landscape is equipped for divergent uncertainties. We help clients merge with new markets, create new rituals, and exponentially enhance organizational and individual capabilities. Our caring connection with clients also transforms mindsets, outlooks and cultures.

Over the years, our collaborative partnerships with world-class faculty labs, innovation labs and startups have evolved into a global setup arranged to constantly feed our intrinsic curiosity to study, experiment and create. Partnerships including MIT, EPFL, DARPA, UCLA and NASA extend our practice within a pioneering ecosystem.

Sustainable visions

We specialize in converting visionary concepts into sustainable and scalable solutions for leading companies including Siemens, Nike, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, MAN Truck & Bus, Cartier, Richemont and Tiffany & Co. We work across a broad range of sectors with a unifying passion and purpose. The relationships we create with our clients are founded on deep trust: 80% of our projects are recurring business.

Our studio is currently focused on generating integrative solutions through 2020/25, such as participative digi-physical installations, brain-computer-interfaces, pneumatic & automated retail systems, driverless eco-systems, non-static & shape-shifting structures, sensing materials, vertically engraving robots, collaborative robotic workstations, miniature robotic arrays, as well as virtual and augmented reality applications to rethink retail, design and development processes.