Research and Development at PCH is focused on deriving insights, technologies and methodologies that serve a symbiotic future industry.

Over several years, projects and experiments, we continue to be drawn to a vision of industry uncoupled from extraction. A model of qualitative, meaningful growth, of self-actualization and healing. We think of it as the Industrial Biome. All of our research activities – from materials to processes and experiences – are informed and enriched by this vision.

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Industrial Biome

How can a factory behave like a forest?

While technology advances exponentially, it continues to serve outdated, socially and environmentally untenable industrial models. This is why we have been committed to exploring alternatives that could heal the means — and the ends — of industry. Over the last few years, this exploration has crystallized into a model we call the Industrial Biome. Drawing inspiration from natural systems, the model seeks to balance emerging fabrication technology and digital infrastructure with empowering human processes and ecological regeneration.
In this article we use the key principles of our Industrial Biome model to think how a factory might be adapted towards a more symbiotic, thriving state.

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Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia x PCH Research Partnership

NVIDIA’s Instant NeRF technology has the power to speed up extended reality (XR) production pipelines by replacing manual digital design processes with an autonomous AI neural network to create 3D renders.

Through our research collaboration with NVIDIA, we were able to apply Instant NeRF to scan and recreate real-world representations of our projects, for exploration via immersive desktop applications or AR/VR/MR headsets.

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CISUTAC: Working together to advance textile circularity

In their strategy for sustainable and circular textiles, the EU's 2030 vision sees all textile products on the EU market being repairable and recyclable, while also making re-use and repair services more accessible.
The Circular and Sustainable Textile and Clothing (CISUTAC) consortium came together to bring this vision to life. As a proud member of this project, we are designing and building semi-automated stations to enable more effective textile repair and disassembly.

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Innovation Research

Changing Matter

A ‘whole innovation’ catalog, Changing Matter is our contemporary homage to the Whole Earth Catalog. We collated the research, insights, ideas and ideals that drove our own journey towards becoming a more regenerative engineering studio into a non-linear encyclopedia.

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Caustic Technology


Harnessing the poetry of light, our unique caustic technology allows us to engineer custom metal mosaics to reflect hidden words, images and meaning when illuminated by a light source.

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