We are a creative engineering studio.

From vision to exploratory technology and experiences, our place between disciplines helps us serve clients looking not only for unique ideas but also the means to build and test them.

Whether engineering AI systems, unlocking new R+D opportunities, or reimagining robots as ambassadors for circularity: we help our clients use technology as a medium for regeneration, inspiration and empowerment.


Our studio applies 15 years of expertise to services that guide conscious, end-to-end technology development.

In our quest to make desirable future visions tangible today, we embark on a divergent journey with our clients. Unlike traditional foresight, our methods span different tools, philosophies and dimensions while remaining rooted in our client’s own DNA.

  • Problem/Opportunity Framing
  • Innovation Strategy + Storytelling
  • Exploratory Operating Models
  • Speculative Design

As a holistic innovation studio, we act as an accelerated R+D arm for companies across various industries. We work with our clients to explore novel materials and tools and break down complex technical ambitions into actionable programs, desirable concepts and advanced prototypes.

  • Material Research
  • Creative Engineering
  • AI + Robotics

For ideas to be impactful, we believe in designing beyond function and creating lasting experiences, around or with technologies that engage, empower, and inspire.

  • Retail Experiences
  • Multi-modal Interfaces
  • Machine Poetics

Selected projects

Being at the vanguard of shaping change allows us to work with visionary institutions and businesses who are ready to think of their role within a broader value chain and lead their respective industries towards regenerative practices.

Ready to think big with us?

Email us at moonshots@pch-innovations.com