We are a Berlin-based, creative engineering studio for exploratory technology.

We develop daring concepts, models and technologies to help humans and machines work together more beautifully.
Whether building empowering AI systems, unlocking new R+D opportunities, designing immersive experiences, or reimagining robots as ambassadors for circularity: we help our clients use technology as a medium for meaningful change.


Our studio applies 15 years of expertise within three core services we see enabling regenerative systems and driving positive change.

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Strategizing, ideating + thought-leadership

Future Vision Strategy
We dive deep into our clients’ organizational heritage to understand their existing strategic frameworks, identify new growth fields, and develop strategic scaffolds to support the transition to a more mutualistic industrial ecosystem.

Deep-tech Research

We identify emerging technical opportunities and conduct analyses based on scientific research, patents and industrial applications. We then run risk assessments, before defining the prototyping milestones.

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Concept, manufacturing + prototyping

Concept Design
Using sketches, renders, CAD, hands-on experimentation and industrial tools, we run design and prototyping sprints that challenge traditional technology perception and interaction and reimagine craftsmanship.

Iterative Engineering

We provide state-of-the-art machining and engineering to our clients and technical partners. With our clients, we define the path from design & functional PoCs to integrated prototypes and Minimum Viable Products.

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Preparing implementation at scale for pre-industrialization.

MVP Fabrication
We develop data pipelines, AI algorithms, SW architectures and infrastructures for a wide range of outcomes: Industrial PLC, AI + ML applications, robotic OS, system architecture design, intuitive and empowering human machine interfaces.

Pre-scale Testing
We provide end-to-end development from MVP to pre-series. Our MVPs are tested on site, we perform FMEA before certification, staff training and handover to servicing and maintenance partners.

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Selected projects

Being at the vanguard of shaping change allows us to work with visionary institutions and businesses who are ready to think of their role within a broader value chain and lead their respective industries towards regenerative practices.

Retail The Bot Initiated Longevity Lab is a a robotic array created for Nike to repair and refresh worn sneakers. Read more ↗ Apparel A portable, semi-automated repair module for Nike that enables adherence of heat-activated patches in under a minute. Mobility Ultra-light, shape-shifting vehicle skins for reduced emissions Retail Automated packaging processes for reduced distribution waste Energy Robotic lay-up work station for precision gas turbine manufacture Mobility Platform strategy for a modular suite of regenerative lifestyle solutions Urban planning Research and analysis of city archetypes and the forces shaping future urban design Infrastructure Off-grid infrastructure designs to connect communities to safe resources Design Development of AI-powered proportional design software for automotive concepts Retail Glocal network of retail innovation labs for tailored, immersive experiences Mobility Car interior design that harnesses bio-materials for greater sustainability Electronics Circular framework for electronics R+D Logistics Fleet management application to ease the transition to emission-free, urban deliveries Electronics Haptic SW/HW prototype Retail Smart, pneumatic tube delivery system and robotic storage for enhanced customer experience Air Filtration Predictive maintenance software to extend the product life of air filters Energy Software to enable remote maintenance for wind turbines Infrastructure Development of an off-grid power storage and wind energy solution for a hospital in Ethiopia Mobility Autonomous driving seat buck

Technically Speaking: Building B.I.L.L. interviews

PCH engingeers Florian and Christian give us a detailed glimpse into the process behind developing B.I.L.L.

As B.I.L.L. continues its journey from Niketown London to Nike’s European Headquarters in Hilversum, we sat down with two of the PCH engineers behind it, Florian Born and Christian Kokott, to talk about their unique processes, challenges and the tech that made it happen. To read Pt. I click here and Pt. 2 here.

Ready to think big with us?

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