We are a Berlin-based, multi-disciplinary studio that develops divergent strategy and technology for regenerative systems.

We believe current modes of living, building and being are often at odds with our innate evolutionary purpose to thrive. This is why we seek out clients that prioritize meaningful growth, waste reduction, contributive value creation models, resilient infrastructure and the transition to carbon-free energy.


Our studio applies 15 years of expertise in immersive research, hands-on experimentation and high-fidelity prototyping to three fields we see enabling regenerative systems and driving positive change.

We work closely with our clients to understand their organization’s heritage, to challenge their existing strategic frameworks, identify new growth fields, and develop organizational scaffolds to support a circular and regenerative model.

Key deliverables

  • Immersive research activations
  • Corporate narrative framing + modeling
  • Divergent technology roadmaps
  • Regenerative product + service portfolio development

We code intuitive and engaging software ecosystems that communicate with machines to increase precision, productivity, and engagement within our clients’ operations. For us, technology is the medium through which we enhance not only quality of work but quality of life.

Key deliverables

  • Empowering human-machine interfaces
  • Digital simulations
  • Data analytics frameworks
  • Integrated MVP prototype development
  • Embedded IoT ecosystems
  • Full-stack SW development incl. ML, CV, AI algorithms
  • UX design

Circular Robotics evolved as a combination of regenerative systems thinking and intelligent automation, to accelerate circular business practices and help our clients fulfill their Sustainable Development Goals.
Synthesizing creative, human-centered experience and deep-tech, we create industrial robots that repair, reduce material waste and advance recycling; and engaging machine installations that inspire consumers to actively opt in to sustainability.

Key deliverables

  • Sustainability impact assessment
  • Service design for product reuse
  • System programming + sequencing
  • Automation feasibility studies
  • Collaborative automation cells
  • Semi-automated machines
  • System deployment + certification

Selected projects

Being at the vanguard of shaping change means we always get to work with exciting clients but we're not always allowed to name-drop. What we can say is this: we collaborate with visionary institutions and businesses who are ready to think of their role within a broader value chain and lead their industry towards regenerative practices.

Mobility Ultra-light, shape-shifting vehicle skins for reduced emissions
Retail Automated packaging processes for reduced distribution waste
Energy Robotic, lay-up work station for precision gas turbine manufacture
Mobility Platform strategy for a modular suite of regenerative lifestyle solutions
Urban planning Research and analysis of city archetypes and the forces shaping future urban design
Infrastructure Off-grid infrastructure designs to connect communities to safe resources
Design Development of AI-powered proportional design software for automotive concepts
Retail Glocal network of retail innovation labs for tailored, immersive experiences
Mobility Car interior design that harnesses bio-materials for greater sustainability
Logistics Fleet management application to ease the transition to emission-free, urban deliveries
Infrastructure System strategy for renewing the purpose of Berlin's TXL Airport
Retail Smart, pneumatic tube delivery system and robotic storage for enhanced customer experience
Air Filtration Predictive maintenance software to extend the product life of air filters
Energy Software to enable remote maintenance for wind turbines
Infrastructure Development of an off-grid power storage and wind energy solution for a hospital in Ethiopia

Ready to think big with us?

Email us at moonshots@pch-innovations.com