We are a Berlin-based, creative engineering studio for exploratory technology.

We develop daring concepts, models and technologies to help humans and machines work together more beautifully.
Whether building empowering AI systems, unlocking new R+D opportunities, designing immersive experiences, or reimagining robots as ambassadors for circularity: we help our clients use technology as a medium for meaningful change.


Our studio applies 15 years of expertise to services that guide conscious, end-to-end technology development.


  • Future narrative development
  • Holistic innovation sprints
  • Field research + technology forecasting
  • Organizational workshops + expeditions
  • Concept ideation + sparring


  • Problem/Opportunity framing
  • Regenerative operational + innovation models
  • Technical research + strategy
  • Risk assessments + prototyping milestone definition


  • User research + UX/UI design
  • Industrial + Machine Experience design
  • Product + Service Ecosystems
  • Tech storytelling + presentation design


  • State-of-the-art machining
  • Path planning from design to functional PoCs
  • Product requirement documentation
  • Integrated prototype development
  • Data pipeline development


  • Hardware manufacturing, assembly + integration
  • AI algorithms + software architectures for industrial PLC, AI + ML applications, robotic OS
  • Full-stack Software Development
  • Programming of intuitive human machine interfaces


  • End-to-end development to pre-series
  • On-site testing, FMEA + certification
  • Onboarding documentation development
  • Staff training and handover to servicing and maintenance partners

Selected projects

Being at the vanguard of shaping change allows us to work with visionary institutions and businesses who are ready to think of their role within a broader value chain and lead their respective industries towards regenerative practices.

Technically Speaking: Building B.I.L.L. interviews

PCH engineers Florian and Christian give us a detailed glimpse into the process behind developing B.I.L.L.

As B.I.L.L. continues its journey from Niketown London to Nike’s European Headquarters in Hilversum, we sat down with two of the PCH engineers behind it, Florian Born and Christian Kokott, to talk about their unique processes, challenges and the tech that made it happen. To read Pt. I click here and Pt. 2 here.

Ready to think big with us?

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